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O UTD O OR LIFe K I TC H E N S STYLES SINCE 1983 f l ye r s a p p l i a n c e c a n a d a c o m o u td o o r k i tc h e n

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W H AT S ETS U S A PA RT Experienced Sales Consultants Flexible Payment Options Luxury and Premium brands Builder Trust and Confidence Expansive Showroom Outdoor Assortment Lifestyle vignettes Competitive pricing Outstanding service Premium brands Market leading prices SINCE 1983 CELEBRATE WITH US 40 YEARS Established in 1983 Appliance Canada celebrates our roots We give gratitude to those that help us grow and succeed on a daily basis Since 1983 we thank you for allowing us into your homes and your lives Appliances are our passion We look forward to the years ahead

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Culinary innovation from the vineyard to the kitchen Award winning innovation Purpose built performance As a company Hestan is built upon a shared love of food and innovation We believe the kitchen is a place of collaboration and celebration This is evident in the name Hestan itself a blend of founders Helen and Stanley Cheng s names For it was their passion for exceptional food and wine that brought together the extended Hestan family of chefs vintners designers and engineers After pioneering nonstick cookware in the 1970s Stanley Cheng s inventive spirit led him to the commercial kitchen Then Hestan changed the game for outdoor cooking And now the home kitchen Above all Helen Stanley and the Hestan team delight in the details of cooking celebrating and elevating every nuance of the culinary experience

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T W I L I G H T reverie Imagine pouring a chilled amber ale with a deep hue that resonates with the radiant warmth of this skyline The intoxicating fragrance of the grill lingers heavily in the air with the promise of an evening that no one will soon forget Twilight brings the promise of a Hestan Outdoor Kitchen setup that astounds the senses

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DESERT oasis This is not a mirage Hestan Outdoor Living Suites transform your patio into a well stocked oasis with cutouts for grills side burners power burners storage refrigeration or the all important beverage dispenser It comes equipped with weatherproof outlets and single point gas and electrical connections to streamline fuel and power for all of your Hestan products

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FOLLOW THE RECIPE GRILLED FOCACCIA with sage browned butter Hestan s Campania Pizza Oven turns any backyard into a slice of heaven Its heavy duty ceramic hearth stone creates a charred artisan crust while the unique dome shape traps and recirculates heat for an efficient even cook The oven is perfect for searing steaks and roasting vegetables its stainless exterior is built to withstand the outdoor elements while the greaseless interior is easy to clean Available in twelve signature colours stainless steel pizza peel included INGREDIENTS 4 cups all purpose flour 2 teaspoons kosher salt 2 teaspoons instant yeast 2 cups lukewarm water 1 tablespoon butter for greasing pans 3 4 cup olive oil 1 stick salted butter cut into chunks 1 2 cup finely chopped fresh sage leaves INSTRUCTIONS In a bowl combine flour salt yeast and water Stir with a spatula to combine into a slightly sticky ball Pour over some of the olive oil and spread over the top of the dough ball to stop it drying out Cover the bowl then place into the fridge for 18 22 hours Prepare a 12 inch skillet by buttering the inside then drizzling a little oil in the middle Remove the dough from the fridge and pull it away from the sides of the bowl to form a ball again Gently transfer the ball of dough to the middle of the skillet Leave the skillet untouched just out on the counter not in the fridge for an additional 3 4 hours until it s roughly doubled in size Preheat a grill with indirect two zone heat to run at 425f Drizzle the dough once more with olive oil then press your fingertips straight down into the dough 3 4 times to create divots Place the focaccia onto the indirect side of the hot grill Bake for 30 minutes or until the top is golden brown Remove from the grill then slide the bread out of the pan and onto a rack to cool While the bread is cooling place the butter chunks in a small saucepan over the direct grill heat After 4 5 minutes it should have melted and begin to foam Once foaming bubbling drop in the fried sage The mixture will bubble as the sage leave fry Cook a further minute then remove from heat Drizzle the focaccia with the browned butter sage mixture and serve immediately L I F E S T YL E S LUXU RY AWA I TS YO U

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quote CHEF THOMAS KELLER Cook thoughtfully and every nuance dances on the plate SINCE 1983

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FOLLOW THE RECIPE WHISKEY SMASH INGREDIENTS 3 lemon wedges 2 ounces bourbon 3 4 ounce simple syrup 4 mint leaves Garnish mint sprig INSTRUCTIONS Muddle the lemon wedges in a shaker Add bourbon simple syrup mint leaves and ice and shake until well chilled Double strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice Garnish with a mint sprig MINT SPRIG GARNISH Firmly slap the mint sprig on the back of your hand before garnishing this releases the oils to make the mint more aromatic L I F E S T YL E S LUXU RY AWA I TS YO U

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REFRESHMENTS POOLSIDE The Dometic MoBar is the ultimate mobile bar for your outdoor living space Professionally graded with a timeless state of the art patented design it doesn t compromise style for functionality or convenience allowing hosts and their guests to socialize outdoors without ever missing a moment SINCE 1983

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SINCE 1983

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PROFESSIONAL GRILLS The Lynx Professional isn t for show it s a work of art It s not about glamour it s about cooking on a superior machine One so well engineered and built that it can seamlessly blend into an elegant outdoor room but perform on par with its professional restaurant cousins

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FOLLOW THE RECIPE S E AS O N E D GRILLED FISH INGREDIENTS 16 ounces fish fillets four 4 ounce fillets 4 teaspoons olive oil 1 2 teaspoon salt 1 2 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon Old Bay seasoning 1 2 teaspoon paprika lemon chopped parsley for garnish optional INSTRUCTIONS Start by preheating your pan or grill Place the grill pan skillet or saute pan on the stovetop over medium high heat and let it warm while you prep the fish fillets If you re using an indoor electric grill go ahead and heat it according to the manufacturer s instructions Brush one side of the fish fillets lightly with olive oil Sprinkle with salt and pepper Old Bay and paprika Place the fillets on the pan or grill with the seasoned side down Brush the second side with olive oil and sprinkle with additional seasonings Cook the fillets for about 2 minutes Use a wide spatula to turn the fillets over and cook an additional 2 minutes Transfer the cooked fillets to a plate Sprinkle with chopped parsley optional and drizzle with lemon juice L I F E S T YL E S LUXU RY AWA I TS YO U

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iwolfconic red knobs

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MEDIDATIVE SPLENDOR Easy to use features Precision temperature controls And juicy fork tender flame seared results We believe the reason grilling season continues to get longer and longer each year is simple Wolf grills SINCE 1983

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OUTDOOR KITCHEN SOLUTIONS quote CHEF LUDO LEFEBVRE Smoke adds depth and character to just about anything you re working with it complements everything

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OBSESSED WITH GRILLING Building on a heritage of commercial quality appliances DCS pioneered a new category in outdoor cooking going beyond conventional barbecues with complete suites of outdoor appliances to create professional outdoor kitchens

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RTA s ready to assemble unit that features Coyote Outdoor Living products has free delivery and free assembly if purchased at Appliance Canada Some exceptions apply SINCE 1983 www appliancecanada com VAUGHAN 8701 Jane St Unit 1 905 660 2424 TORONTO 1380 Castlefield 416 785 7083 LONDON 600 Wharncliffe Rd S 519 457 0404 MISSISSAUGA 3050 Vega Blvd Unit 8A 289 652 1935 OTTAWA 1560 Merivale Rd Unit 15 613 416 1223

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